Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Davy, Kelly and Odie Havin' Church Live In California

We are so excited about our new CD. We were told today they would be shipped on Thursday so we should have them by the middle of next week. We plan to process the pre-orders and ship them within 2-3 days after we receive them.

For those that don't know, we recorded the project live in October at Riverdale Assembly in Riverdale, California. We had an awesome time that night and we are calling the CD Havin' Church Live In California.

If you would like to have one or five or eight, send us a note and we will let you know how to go about getting some. I'll make you a real good deal on a hundred of them. Lol

Several have inquired about the songs on the CD so I have listed the tracks below.  We sure hope everybody enjoys it.

God bless,

1. I Want To Thank You (I Think I’ll Take Some Time) 3:52
Bryant Jones Sr./Ship Publishing/All Rights by Just Mike Music/BMI/2nd verse written by Sharon Whitley
2. There Is Power In The Name of Jesus 3:08
Jefferey  S. Ferguson/ Regi Stone/Jeff Ferguson Music/BMI/Belden Street Music Publishing
3. He’s An On Time God 4:16
Dottie Peoples/Dottie Peoples Publishing/BMI/International Atlanta Music/Peermusic III LTD/3rd verse by Davy Boggs
4. Introductions 1:53
5. I’d Rather Have Jesus 4:20
Rhea miller/George Beverly Shea/Word Music/ASCAP
6. Introducing Made Up Mind 1:09
7. Made Up Mind 3:11
Alexander Lowell Talmadge JR/ Randy Phillips/ Jeffery Sean Silvey/Bridge Building Music/BMI/Randy Cox Music INC/BMI
8. Testimony 0:19
9. Ain’t Gonna Give Up Medley 8:49
  -Ain’t Gonna Give Up On God
Charles P Bosarge/ Philip D Johnson /Chaz Bosarge Music /ASCAP/GiveMall Music
  -No Turning Back
 -I’ve Got My Mind Made Up To Serve
Charles Ray Burton/Frank Edward Wilson
Traco Music Company/BMI
10. Odie’s Introduction and Testimony 2:54
11. I Don’t Have A Prayer Without You 3:16
Bruce Haynes
Haynessongs/BMI/ Willow Branch Music/BMI
12. Never Would Have Made It 9:37
Marvin Sapp/Matthew Brownie/Marvin L. Sapp Music/Minstrel Melodies/BMI
13. Romans 8:28-29 1:18
14. Everything Is Gonna Turn Out Right 3:21
Sonya Isaacs/Rebecca Isaacs Bowman/Makem Smile Music/R I Bowman Music/BMI
15. Psalm 39:4-7 1:44
16. My Hope Is Built 2:24
Edward Mote/William Bradbury
17. Testimony on Hope 0:42
18. Faith 3:52
Frank Meyers/Jason Eustice/Richie McDonald/Frank Meyers Music/BMI/Jtunesmusic/SESCA/Loremoma Music/BMI
19. Miracle Man 6:13
Words and Music by Aaron Wilburn and Dave Lehman/Copyright 1981 BMG Music Publishing/ASCAP.
20. Jesus You Are 4:20​
Justin Rivers/Christian Taylor Music/BMI


  1. Cannot wait to hear this!! So excited!!!

  2. Just in case some one is wondering why my sister Theresa posts comments as Jonathan...I don't have a clue but I glad she comments. lol
    Love you sis.

  3. Great! I bet it's awesome!!!

  4. We all really enjoyed y'all an can't wait till next time y'all back in Pine Priarie. This cd is great, y'all did a wonderful job. Bless y'all on yalls trip. Love y'all


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