Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday February 3, 2011

Finally took the Cheap Jeep out and explored some today. The roads were passable for 4WD vehicles but even they were stuck in some places. One brother got stuck in his 2WD truck three times within 50 yards of the church drive. Big trucks were stuck on nearly every exit ramp but they were working hard to clear them out today and making great progress. Here are a few pictures of trucks stuck in the snow that we took while out and more details below.

This is the road to the church. A good Samaritan plowed one lane the first day and it has been packed into ice since then. There is no way the city or county can get to all these roads in a storm like this but I still think this is kind of funny. Can you see the sign on the right side of the road?

Here it is a little closer...

These road improvements made possible by county sales tax.

I think it's funny! You think they need more taxes?

This shows the power of the sun. When I took this picture it was 11 very cold degrees outside. This clock sits in the front window of the bus and the bus is facing east. As you can see it was 91.4 in the window where the sun was shining and 11 degrees about 3 inches on the other side of the glass. Thank God the weather man was wrong when he predicted all clouds this week.

While we were out we ate at Ron's with Pastor Nathan Conner, his family and Bro. Aaron Jarvis. It was so good! Can you guess what I has to eat?

The sky looked really strange this afternoon. It looked like it was split in two all the way across. It was neat.

Still no church of course but we are patiently surviving and having fun. Thanks for all the messages.


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  1. Bless you ALL!! I am seriously sooo tired of snow that I was thanking God that it wasn't us and then feeling guilty because you all got it.


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