Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Logan the Miracle Baby in Richton, Mississippi

Several of you have heard me tell over the last year of the miracle God did for a couple in Richton, Mississippi last February.  The Brewer family attends the church where Bro. Scott Morris is the pastor. They had been praying for a child for 20 years. During revival in February 2010 God moved in their situation and 6 weeks later they discovered they were expecting a child.  Now they have a beautiful bouncing baby boy as a testimony to what God can do! I could hardly wait to get to Richton and hold their miracle in my hands. His name is Steven Logan Dewayne Brewer and he is a happy baby! 

Isn't he beautiful? (Not the fat guy, the baby!)

Here is the Happy Family!

Bro. Wayne and Sis. Tanya Brewer and little Logan