Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Diego Zoo From Odie's View

Dad already told you about our trip to the San Diego Zoo. He also shared with you pics from his phone. Today I wanted to post some of the good pics from my camera.

You can get a better view of my encounter with the Cheetah. It really spooked me! I thought it may have been my hat or chair he didn't like. Sis. Rosemary Landress said he probably sensed my weakness.

I really was afraid when at Sea Lion show they brought my Cheetah "friend" out on just a leash! I know she saw me. Her dog companion was also there with her. The dog did it's job well,keeping the cheetah calm.

The Sea Lion show was interesting! It was very well trained and entertaining. A little girl helped them some in the show. She was a brave girl, doing everything they asked her to do.

We saw Mom's best friend at the zoo, the Grizzly Bear. This Grizzly was a black one. I think Mom was happy just seeing him in passing on our bus tour. LOL

The other shots are just various animals. It was a good day!!!


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  1. Was that cheetah out of the cage?!? It really looks like it!


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