Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bro. Ben and Sis. Opal Lee Shaw

Bro. Ben Shaw is one of a kind.  He is posing for the pictures above and below in one of my hats.  The picture below also includes his gracious wife.

Bro. Shaw pastored the Fairland Church near Fouke, AR for many many years.  He is well respected and beloved by folks all over the country.  He and his wife have been so kind to us through the years and we deeply appreciate their friendship.  We were blessed to have them attend two nights of our revival in Keller, Texas and then to preach for them Tuesday the 23rd.  

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed their fellowship very much.  I learn so much from Bro. Shaw by just listening during our conversations.  His years of experience and dedication to God have provided him a huge amount of spiritual insight.  He is one of those men that oozes integrity.  I am thankful to be blessed to know many man like that.

Bro. Shaw would say that I am holding him up too high and that is exactly what I would expect him to say.  Like all of our really great men around the Holiness churches he considers himself very low. He is full of humility yet God has used him mightily throughout his life.

Bro. Shaw is currently serving as Interim Pastor at Victory Tabernacle Holiness Church in Watauga, Texas.  They desire for God to use them there in guiding that fine bunch of folks.  I have a feeling that God's hand is already at work.  That's the kind of God we serve. 

May God bless Bro. and Sis. Shaw


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