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On The Road Again - Newsletter - August 6, 2010

Every 6-8 weeks Odie writes a Newsletter that we publish and send to the various churches where we have ministered in the past. The Newsletter is Called "On The Road Again" and Odie started it within a month or two after we went back on the road in January 2003. The mailing list grows with each issue to include new places we have been but we try to keep the list from growing so large that it would be financially impossible to publish. We tried adding the newsletter to our website ( but often it would be terribly out of date by the time I had enough internet service to publish it on the website. Since I can publish here by email from my phone it should be easy to post our "On The Road Again" Newsletter here. It won't have everything and won't be formatted like the newsletter is printed but most the information will be here.

So, below you will find our August 6, 2010 On The Road Again Newsletter that Odie called "A Summer Summary"

Published by Odie Podie Music
Volume 8 Issue 3
August 6th, 2010

Boggs Family Ministries
P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH 45068

Hello to all of you! Summer is well underway. Life has been full of excitement lately!
Thomasville, Georgia is where I had to leave you last time. We had a superb time with Pastor Tony Walker and the sweet folks at New Hope Holiness Church.
It was great to be at Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle with Pastor Dewayne Watson and congregation. They have made lots of progress on their new church! May God bless their work in Dothan, Alabama!
We enjoyed meeting the newest member of the Watson family. Larissa Ann is a doll baby! All three of her brothers spoil her rotten!!!!
Ozark, Alabama is where we spent the next week. It had been two years since our last visit to Harbor of Hope. We count it a privilege to call Pastor Al Loper our friend.
The BoggsMobile then traveled to Tennessee. We always look forward to our trips to Beechfork Holiness Church in Wartburg, Tennessee! It is a blessing to us to see God blessing Pastor Herman Woods and congregation. They have been through some hard times, but God hasn't forgotten them!!
We spent a week at Trinity Pentecostal Church. God again visited us in Central City, Kentucky! Of course, we always have a “punny” time with Pastor Alan Harris. If laughter is a good medicine then we had a major dose of medicine that week! We loved every minute of it!!!
Calvary Holiness Church in Brooks, Kentucky is where we spent 5 services in May! They too are building a new church. God blessed in the altars every service of the revival. It was refreshing to our family!! We have always admired Pastor Doug and Sis. Gayle Webb. As we get to know them better we are quickly cherishing their friendship! God has the best people in the world!!!
It was our honor to participate in the Graduation Banquet at the Highway of Holiness. We were so happy to help Austin Griffitts celebrate his accomplishment! Also we had a wonderful time in the weekend services with Pastor Jerry Pascarella and congregation in Hamilton, Ohio.
Of course being around home gave us time to be with our family! It was great to catch up with all of them! My Papaw Eugene helped Dad on some projects on the BoggsMobile. My Dad sure appreciated that very much.
When it was revival time at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio we desperately needed the Lord to show up! God is so Awesome to come right on time!!! We enjoyed our time with Pastor Bill Lamb and family!!
It had been a long time since we had been to Bond Holiness Church for a regular service. We were so happy to be there for a Sunday! Going to Bond, Kentucky is like going home. Pastor John Gabbard and all our friends always welcome us with open arms!
Our next revival was in Wichita, Kansas. It was Awesome. The Bogglionis always have a wonderful time with Pastors John and Judy DiZazzo and their great folks.
We dropped down to Oklahoma City to take part in the Five year Anniversary services at Landmark Holiness Tabernacle and Pastor J.R. Alexander. We had a great time in those services as well.
On our way West we stopped in for a Sunday night at First Freewill Baptist in Wichita. It was our first visit and Pastor Josh Bush and his folks received us so well.
We spent about ten days driving West stopping in Colorado for a few days and taking in the sights. We also preached one night for Pastor Paul Thomas in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That was a special treat for us.
We finally arrived in Montana and have been preaching, visiting and relaxing ever since. We sure appreciate Pastor Michael Metzger and the Sun Valley Church for allowing us to use their church as a home base for a while. I really enjoyed my time with their young people.
I have been in Ohio visiting with family the last two weeks and will join Dad and Mom at Dryden Rd. Campmeeting.
Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On the Road Again.

Note From Davy:
As Odie said we have had a full and eventful summer and it is not over yet. We have been in Florence, Montana for almost six weeks preaching on Sundays for Pastor Metzger and a couple of Wednesdays as well. We have also been resting, visiting, recuperating, driving around and relaxing as a family. Being able to watch the sunset when we are usually preparing for church has been a great change of pace. This time has been a break for us and for Pastor Metzger. He has had a break from preaching every Sunday and I have had a break from the nightly pressure of preaching revivals. It has been refreshing for all of us.
We have one more Sunday in Montana and then we will say good bye to friends and continue our journey West. On Monday (8/9) Kelly Jo and I will finish the drive to California (About 1400 miles), preach there on Sunday and then fly back to Ohio for Dryden Rd. Indoor Campmeeting. After that we will all fly back to California and start revivals again. I am super ready to get started. I feel as good physically as I have in a long time and my feet are itching from being in one place for a long time. Bro. Metzger, his family and church have been so very good to us and we appreciate their hospitality, but these few weeks off have reinforced in me the calling that God has placed on our lives to preach the gospel to as many people as possible. We are looking forward to revivals and meetings the rest of the year. We plan to be in California for most of September and October. November and December will find us in Arizona, Texas, Kentucky and home for Christmas. You can watch for changes and additions to our schedule at
God bless you all. Davy

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