Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On The Road To California!

Today (Monday) was our first day on the road to California. It was a beautiful day to drive. We went West from Missoula on I-90 through the top of Idaho, into Washington and then down Hwy 395 into Oregon. We stopped for the night along the Columbia River near Umatilla, Oregon.

We plan to go West tomorrow on I-84 which follows the Columbia River Gorge. We have heard it is an awesome drive so we are looking forward to that.

This post should have a few pictures of the trip today and of the campground. No Internet here so I am posting from my phone.



  1. What are the temps there? Same as Montana?

  2. It was 90 when we arrived yesterday evening so that's about the same but it didn't get as cool at night as it was in Montana. However we were still able to open the windows and sleep with a fan. That's not too bad considering we sleep just above the engine that pushed the BoggsMobile nearly 400 miles yesterday. That puts off some heat! D&K



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