Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sutherlin, Oregon to Crescent City, California

Two Posts for Wednesday's travel.

We left Sutherlin, Oregon around mid morning and headed south on I-5 to Grants Pass. It was a mountain drive the whole distance. 5 and 6 percent grades up and down constantly and beauty at every turn.

This was a 6% grade going up for several miles. This trucker was nice enough to drive on the shoulder so as not to impede the flow of traffic. Because there were no straight runs to build up steam it was very hard to make any time going up hill. I went down the steep and curvy slopes very slowly so this guy would barrel pasted me going down and I would pass him going up. I passed him on this hill in third gear going 42 mph! I would say I used a fair amount of diesel today...

At Grants Pass we exited onto Hwy 199. It is very curvy, steep and narrow in places but it is the only way to cut over to the coast at that point. It is about 85 miles over to Crescent City, California. We took our time and enjoyed the scenery all the way through. There were several times I wanted to take pictures out the windshield but two hands on the wheel were required to stay on the road.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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