Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Ramblings

-Mamaw's Birthday Sombrero
-Mamaw and Papaw
-Mamaw's Chocolate Cake
-Mamaw and Odie
-Odie and Lauren
-Jonas, Holly and Tommy
-Jonas and Lucas
- Skyline
-Deidre, Lauren and Odie
-Deidre, Lauren, Lisa and Odie

I promised some random pictures of the Boggs crew.
The first few are at the end of July when it was Mamaw's birthday.

The day before her birthday Mamaw, Papaw, and I went shopping and to lunch. In the evening Me, Mamaw, Theresa and Lauren had some girl fun.

On Mamaw's actual birthday several of us met at the Mexican restaurant in Lebanon. Its great Mexican food for Ohio!!

Then there is the Pic of Uncle Tommy's family. Jonas is my buddy! We have spent more time together than usual. I love that he thinks it is cool to hang out with his "OLD" cousin". LOL Aunt Holly thanks for helping me get to church on Sundays while home. Uncle Tommy comes by sometimes in between classes, studying and clinicals. He is working hard in his RN schooling. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

Friday night was a blast! It was an all girls night with Lisa, Deidre, and Lauren. It started with dinner at our favorite Skyline. Then some shopping. We played games laughed until we cried and just had fun!!!! Oh and I proved to them that aggravate me enough and I will tackle you to the ground!!!

Lauren will be 14 on the day I leave Ohio, August 23rd. She chose to not have a big birthday party this year. So we used our girls night to celebrate her big day!! Pictured is the Oreo and candy bar creation Deidre made to represent a cake.

Deidre will be 18 on August 26th. She had big celebration Thursday. I will post more on that later. Happy birthday to my girls!!!

Oh and for the record Lisa is a cousin from the Isaacs side of our family. But she is an adopted Boggs. Thanks Lisa for all your help during my visit home. She is an awesome friend and cousin!!

I think that's enough for one post. Don't forget we'd love to see you at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church this week.
Indoor Fellowship meeting is Tuesday-Friday. Bro. Kevin Webster is scheduled to preach Tuesday-Friday night. Bro Dwain Galiher is the morning speaker Wednesday-Friday. Everyone is invited, we expect an AWESOME week!!!!!!!


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