Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures 1-5 are from the flight to California. Number 6 is a sidewalk chalk Pic of me drawn by Gunner Burris. Number 7 is Emily Burris and I at Jantz Cafe & Bakery


 I am back at the BoggsMobile.  It is great to be back in my home!!!!!  As Dad posted earlier We flew into California on Monday afternoon.  I had good flights!  From Cincinnati to Denver it was smooth, I was able to sleep most of the flight.  Then I had a three hour layover in Denver.  My flights were only five gates apart, so I had plenty of time to eat lunch, visit Starbucks, and listen to my Ipod.  The flight from Denver to Fresno was a bit bumpy at the beginning.  I had a window seat so I managed to get these pics.  I love when we are above the clouds!  It was a good flight and we landed safely in Fresno.  Thanks to Benji Burris for picking me up at the airport!  When we pulled into Bro. Benji and Sis. Laura's driveway the BoggsMoble was a welcomed sight.

Now we are getting back to our normal, if we have a normal.  Revival at Amazing Grace Tabernacle is going great.  It is so good to be with the Burris family and all our friends.  Dad has pics from this week on his phone.  Most of my pics are on my camera.

We love our California trips!  I am sure there are several exciting days ahead for us.  Please keep our family in your prayers!!!!


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