Monday, June 21, 2010

Hope You All Had A Happy Fathers Day

My Dad as a little boy

Dad Saturday at a stop along the way in Colorado

Dad and I in Silverton, Colorado

Papaw Eugene on Memorial Day

Papaw Danny on our last visit to Hillsboro, Ohio

Dad has been updating you on the great time we are having in Colorado. I wanted to take a break from the fun yesterday to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day but my phone service wouldn't cooperate. Hopefully I can get this out today.

A Father is a very special person. I am blessed with a wonderful Father that loves me beyond measure! His love is much like that of our Heavenly Father. It keeps on giving even when there are times I'm undeserving.

Thank you Dad for always being there for me. "I love you more than a hog loves slop"!!!! Thanks for being a great role model. I hope to pattern my life after what you have taught me. Please forgive the fact that many times I am a slow learner! Thanks for not giving up one me. You have shown me through experience that we can make it if we try. You are the greatest!!!!!

Both my Papaw Eugene Boggs and Papaw Danny Morgan are #1 Papaws!!!!! They each are there for me when I need them even though hundreds of miles separate us most of the time. They are my encouragers. I am so proud to call them my Papaws!!!!

Oh yeah just for the record, both of them were my Papaw before anyone else had them. I am the #1 grandchild but I gladly share them with the 6 other grandchildren on either side of the family!!!! I love you both so very much! Thanks for the joy you bring into my life!

I hope all you Dads had a splendid day. Don't forget to tell those closest to how much they mean to you!!!


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