Monday, June 14, 2010

Chelino's and Las Fajitas

I told you all the other day that I would post about the great food at Chelinos in OKC. Kelly Jo and I were there before 11:00am on Friday and walked in just as they unlocked the doors. I did snap a picture of the sign and the great complimentary Chips, Salsa, Cheese Sauce, Tortillas and Relish but when the food came I forgot all about a picture! It was so good. I ordered Carne Asada which is probably my favorite dish at Chelinos.

The next day we met the Alexanders in Moore, OK at Las Fajitas, another of my "favorite" Mexican places. Again I started on my food before I thought to take a picture so I snapped a picture of Kelly Jo and Odie's Chicken Fajitas and Bro. JR's Taco Salad. I had Sour Cream Enchiladas and they were delicious as well.

In my opinion you can't find much better Mexican food in a restaurant than you can in Oklahoma. Chelinos and Las Fajitas are just two of the many great places in that state. Although my favorite salsa in a restaurant is found many hundreds of miles away right down the road from my home town. It is in the Mexican place where I took my Dad for his birthday in May called Acapulco in Lebanon, Ohio. It is absolutely perfect! I'm not a tomato eater so Salsa that has a strong tomato taste goes straight to the back of the line. But Salsa that is heavy on Onion and Cilantro.....mmmm mmmm Good! Imagine, good Salsa in Ohio?!?

What is your favorite Mexican food?



  1. I think a better question would be....what ISN'T my favorite mexican food? I think I'll start traveling with you all! :)

  2. Oh, Brother, you don't know how cruel this is.Tiff and I were just talking about Chelino's the other day, it doesn't come any better. One of my favorites is their Chile Rellano, also really like that carrot,onion and jalapeno relish. We really need to get to OKC again to eat, well and see the Mt. Vernon folks too.

    Bro. Roy Garman


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