Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on Anniversary by Kelly Jo

Thanks for all of the comments and well wishes in the comment section. God bless you all.

Davy's post with all of the pictures and beautiful words was a complete surprise to me. In fact everything that day was a surprise to me. Here is a little about our Anniversary day.

This man has treated me soooo good! On our 25th anniversary I awoke to breakfast in bed and a dozen roses.

He forced me off of my diet to eat my favorite treats, candy bars and chocolate doughnuts. (It wasn't too hard to comply)
We spent a lot of the day touring some back country mountain roads in this beautiful state of Montana.

Again blowing the diet at Outback Steakhouse, we had a wonderful dinner reminiscing the days when we were kids starting off on a great expedition of life together.

Davy has been a good provider, encourager and a wonderful husband. His faithful perserverence to overcome hard twists and turns of life has brought us to where we are today. I am so proud of him for that. The grace of God is truly evident in our marriage. I can't wait to spend the next 25 years with this loving, tender man.

Our celebration of this day is not over. This will be a summer of celebration in this wilderness country that we love. What an adventure we are on! I'm ready to hang on and hang in partner! YEEHAW!!!

Kelly Jo