Friday, June 11, 2010

Sister Esther Richards

A few days ago Odie posted a picture of Kelly Jo with Sis. Esther Richards from Boston. She traveled to Wichita to be in the revival and we were blessed to finally meet her. Pastor John and Judy DiZazzo and a few others in the church came from Boston over 24 years ago to pioneer the Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, KS. Sis. Esther was very influential in their early lives and is still a big part of their home church in Boston.
We have heard so much about her through the years and it was so good to become personally acquainted with her.

The last day of revival she presented each of us with a beautiful card and in my card she included a poem she had written for us that morning. I asked her permission to post it online and Sis. Esther graciously consented. Here it is....

The fields are white, faithful laborers are few,
Work while 'tis day, and your strength He'll renew.
The work is great, many are in need,
Go forth and sow the precious seed.

Hold on! Be faithful! Keep your eyes on the goal!
Never fear, as your life is in His control.
He is with you now and will be to the end,
His power and anointing will on you descend.

Your reward will come from the Lord above,
That you've served with a heart full of love.
Your labor of love He'll ne'er forget,
When you stand before Him,
There will be no regret!

Thank you, Sis. Esther, for your kind words and reminder to all of us that there is still much work to do. It is so easy for us to be caught up in all the "things" of life and we must be reminded that God placed us here to work. We must Hold On, Be Faithful, Keep our eyes on the Goal!

God bless each one as you labor for Christ!


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