Monday, June 7, 2010

Sis. Esther

Revival continues to go well at Bethany Revival Center. Over the years of coming to Bethany we had met many great friends.
Sis. Esther came all the way from Boston, Massachusetts for revival and to be with friends. Sis. Esther is from the DiZazzo's home church in Boston. For years the DiZazzos have spoken highly of this fine lady. We felt as if we were friends before we even met her! So we were so excited to finally put a face with a name.
Saturday at dinner she gave Mom these beautiful roses. She is so sweet!
I think I have met someone more jumpy than myself. I know its hard to believe! Sis. Esther is a good sport about it and we are having a blast with her!!!!!!!
Several friends of come from out of town to visit revival. Maybe I'll get introduce more of them to you later.
Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Your mom looks like she's lost weight....has she?

  2. We can't hide anything from you, Ashlee! Mom says "thanks for noticing." Now you are her best friend.


  3. What? Just NOW I'm her best friend? I thought we had always been best friends!! LOL! JK. Kelly, you look beautiful as always!


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