Saturday, March 4, 2023

Fountain of Life By The Meadows

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Tomorrow is Friends and Family Day at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. We look forward to being with Pastor Donnie Willamson and our precious friends!

Three years ago, I wrote a post here about excellent music by The Meadows. They released their first recording in the spring of 2020. It is titled One Song! It is still a fantastic project today!

The Meadow are back with a new project! It is titled Fountain of Life. I have been anxiously awaiting this new music! The moment I discovered it was available, it was added to my library!

Every time I listen to it, a different song speaks to me for that day. They recorded great songs by some fabulous songwriters. Probably my overall favorite song on the record is, The Me I'll Never Know.

Both of their projects are produced by the incredible award winning singer, musician and producer Gordon Mote. Gordon's musical influence can be heard throughout this record! His talent leaves me speechless!

The talent and hard work of The Meadows paid off! This new project is outstanding! I am so proud of my friends! Fountain of Life receives a five-star rating from me!

You can find it on all streaming platforms. Click here and here to see their online homes. There you will find their latest updates. 

Below is the contact information for The Meadows.
Phone: 918-924-6272
The Meadows
PO Box 1264
Bristow, OK 71010

The Meadows consist of siblings: Shalaysa, Courtney and Drew. They live in Bristow, Oklahoma. They have grown up working in ministry. Their parents Bro. Douglas and Sis. Cecley Meadow, pastor Bristow Holiness Church.

Shalaysa Meadow Eldridge

Last month she married Stephen Eldridge. Congratulations, Stephen and Shay! She works in ministry at their church 
and teaches at Bristow Christian Academy.

Courtney Meadow Maxon

Last fall, Courtney married Titus Maxon. She also works in ministry at their church and teaches at the Bristow Christian Academy.

Drew Meadow

Drew is a high school student with big dreams and plans. He is a great drummer!

All three members of this trio are wonderful young adults! I am thrilled to see them using their abilities for God! I hope you enjoy their wonderful music as I do!

Thanks to Shay for allowing me to use their photos for this post. When you leave a review or order a CD, tell The Meadows that Odie sent you! It will not get you any special treatment☺

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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