Saturday, March 25, 2023

Remembering Our Friend Jack Helton

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Florida! I hope this finds you doing well.

I am here today to remember one of our wonderful friends, Bro. Jack Helton from California. Bro. Jack made his move to Heaven last week. He is sorely missed by his dear family and friends! Please keep all of his family in your prayers as they navigate their new normal.

We had the honor of knowing him for almost 20 years. I count it a blessing to have been his friend. They are grandparents to several of our California friends. In fact, Bro. and Sis. Helton were my adopted California great grandparents. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Wilma just is the natural thing to call them.

I found this picture of Dad and Grandpa Jack from the last time we saw him in November 2019. I am glad that I captured this memory.

He was a great person to be around. His smile and laughter lit up the room. I loved to listen to his stories. He always had another story ready to go. I think he was happiest talking about his family.

Bro. Jack and Sis Wilma Helton were sweethearts until the end. They were inseparable. I do not remember ever seeing one without the other.

He would sit beside me and say, "Have you heard mine and Wilma's story?" Grandma Wilma would say, " Oh, Jack, she does not want to hear that story" I always loved to hear him tell it!

Grandpa Jack said his buddy showed him a picture of his new girlfriend, Wilma Weeks. He told the buddy she would not be his girlfriend for long. Grandpa was smitten with the beautiful girl in the picture. He would laugh as he told me that story and say, I won her over. He knew what he wanted from the first time he saw Grandma Wilma's picture.

Their marriage was blessed with 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren, and now a great great grandchild. We love the whole Burris, Helton, and Hilton clan!

Bro. Jack was an excellent singer! It was a joy to hear him sing every time we could. He loved to worship God through singing. I will treasure my memories of being in church with him.

Today He is singing with the Heavenly choir. I know he is in Heaven worshipping God face to face. Grandpa is happy and healed. 

I look forward to seeing our dear friend soon. Heaven continues to get sweeter with each passing day.

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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