Tuesday, March 7, 2023

No Pictures! Did It Really Happen?

If we have trouble with the bus but we have absolutely no pictures, did it really happen? Yep, it really happened!

Monday we had an unbelievable travel day, especially for our first day back on the road after five weeks. The Lord sent us good help and all ended well, by His grace.

First, we attended the funeral of Bro. Eddie Mooney in Ellisville, Monday morning. Bro. Mooney was a pillar in Ellisville and we were happy to be there in order to be able to pay our respects to his wonderful family.

After the funeral, we cranked the bus, disconnected the utilities, hooked up the Jeep and prepared to roll. 3/10 of a mile later, the right front wheel on the bus locked up on the main city street in Ellisville. There was smoke coming from the brake, but it was not excessively hot yet.

We unhooked the Jeep, directed traffic around us in the center turn lane and began pulling the bus forward listening for a dragging brake or something. After about 20 minutes, we drove a very little further down the road and it smoked again.

By this time, several men from the church spotted us as they were returning from the cemetery and they stopped to help. We walked alongside the bus while KJo drove very slowly until we could get it to a wide spot not blocking traffic.

The brake was not making any sound, but it was getting a few degrees hotter as we went. It sure seemed like brake trouble, but there was a possibility the wheel bearings were giving us trouble.

To diagnose the problem we needed to jack up the right front axle. Four men from two local companies came to help us. One of the church guys owns L&D Scrap and he called two of his men. Another man from the church called Deep Well Energy Services and two guys came in their service truck.

I also called our preferred bus shop in Vonore, Tennessee and between Jeff Rowe working with all of us on the scene, the mess was sorted out and they got us back on the road.

I did a test drive while making a circle back to the church via the interstate. Once we were satisfied all was working, KJo and I hooked up the Jeep and left the church 3.5 hours after we left the first time.

115 miles later, we pulled onto the grounds of Allentown in Semmes, Alabama. We were detached from the Jeep, leveled up and parked in about 35 minutes after arriving.

These are the only pictures we have.

We have no pictures of the BoggsMobile beside the road. Was the trouble all a bad dream? If so, it was a very realistic dream. I cleaned grease out from under my fingernails before going to bed.😍

I sure appreciate Pastor Kenny Morris, Pastor Scott Morris, Bro. Leon Henderson and all the other men from the church and from the companies I named. They all worked together to pull my fat out of the fire! Thank you, brothers! AND Praise God that Jeff Rowe still takes my calls!

Thank you for tuning in today. We will have camp meeting pictures later this week. Yay!


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