Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Laugh Down Memory Lane

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Alabama today. Thank you for visiting with us.

Did you catch Dad's A Word For Wednesday yesterday? I know many of you enjoy Dad's weekly videos. It is always good to hear your feedback. Click the video below for this week's episode.

Odie Gets The Shakes

Yesterday I wandered down our YouTube channel's memory lane. One of our most popular videos is a funny one! I figured today was a good day to remind you of this funny church moment caught on camera. It is worth watching again!

This is a classic Odie stunt. I am super jumpy! Yes, I am laughing at myself! Please check it out. You are welcome to laugh with me.

This was at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio, with Pastor EJ Lamb.

When it happened, I forgot the moment was online for the world to see. The next day Mom told Dad what happened. He immediately pulled up the Anchor of Hope YouTube channel and found it. 

Dad created our video to forever have it in our memory bank. We laughed for hours then. Now those hours have turned into years, and we will never stop!😂😂I was showing it to friends just last night after a kid accidentally made me jump.

Below I posted what Dad wrote in the video description. I think it sums up the "Odie Get's The Shakes" moment well.

"At the end of the service, Pastor EJ Lamb is calling people to the front for prayer. (Socially Distant Prayer, of course)
His microphone is not in Odie's ear monitor, but mine is. She is sitting there listening and when I say "Yes" in my microphone it is directly in her ear and she nearly jumps out of her wheelchair. I have been telling people for years how easily startled Odie is. Now you have visual evidence over and over and over again. 🥰 🥰 This is posted with Odie's complete permission. She said, Laugh away!"

Our dear friend Bro. Kelly Rogers informed me last year that their family often has fun with this video. I am happy that I can help them laugh. I am also glad we can laugh about our good memories.

Hopefully, this helps you smile today! See you next time.

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