Saturday, March 19, 2022

Chloe Jean Shoemaker Update

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the road. The BoggsMobile is bound for Staunton, Virginia. We anticipate a great time on our tour through Virginia and West Virginia over the next several weeks. 

We had a good time this week in Georgia. I enjoyed getting to be with Pastor Jonathan, Sis. Sabrina Prickett and their family. It was also wonderful to see more of our friends along the way.

Chloe Jean Shoemaker Update 
My cousin Deidre gave me permission to write an update and a praise report today. A few weeks ago, I asked you to help us pray for baby Chloe Jean ShoemakerThe prayers definitely are working!

Our sweet baby girl was very sick. Around three weeks old, she started having some severe health issues. A few different things were going on in her tiny body. It was terrifying! Some of the things were treated with a special formula and medicines.

They spent over a week in the hospital in Mobile, Alabama. Doctors tried their best to pinpoint and treat all of her problems. They were confident that she had a serious liver problem. 

Then Chloe Jean was referred to specialists in Birmingham, Alabama, to determine the exact issue and the best course of treatment. Deirdre and Ben, Chloe's parents, were overwhelmed. The questions kept coming and finding answers was extremely difficult. We kept praying and believing for God to give them a miracle. 

The specialist in Birmingham checked Chloe Jean out thoroughly. Their reports say there is nothing seriously wrong with her liver! We praise God for hearing and answering all the prayers that were prayed for her liver!!

Right now, the main focus is getting her to gain weight. She has been on the right path and gaining a little weight. We are so thankful for every ounce of progress! 

They are also monitoring a couple different issues. I know God moved on, Chloe Jean. I believe that God will perform a complete miracle in her little life!

Miracles happen when the people of God go to Him in prayer! We are so thankful and we are praising God! Many of you were sincerely praying with us for God to heal Chloe Jean and He heard you. 

We are so grateful for every single prayer our friends prayed for Chloe Jean! Thank you for continuing to pray for her! I really appreciate many of you asking for updates and your sincere concern for Chloe Jean! 

Also, thank you for praying for Deirdre, Ben and Charlie. They are thankful for all the prayers that were prayed for their family!

Below I included some of my favorite recent pictures of Chloe Jean. Deirdre helps her text Auntie O. It always makes me smile to see a message from my precious Chloe Jean. 

Charlie loves his baby sister! He is a sweet and attentive Big Brother! He calls her" Bowie Jean." I think his name for her might stick around because I find myself calling her Bowie Jean too! 😊

Thanks for visiting with me today. I look forward to our time together next Saturday. Have a great weekend and I pray God blesses you!


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