Monday, June 27, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 6/27/22

The weekend blew by in a flash! I am happy that we captured a few pictures to prove it was not a dream.😍

Friday for lunch, Pastor Doug Spencer and Sis. Terry took us to lunch at Harris Ranch. It is on I-5 about 20 minutes from the Avenal Church. We have driven past it several times and heard a lot about it, but Friday was our first visit.

How was it? Excellent!


KJo's fish was incredible and my Ribeye was amazing!

Regular Ribeye

The final service at Avenal Friday night was really good. The singing, the worship, the music all fell right into place and the response to the preaching capped it off perfectly.

We were only able to be at Avenal four services, but I feel like we were right in the middle of the will of God. We appreciate Pastor Doug Spencer inviting us.

We love Andrew Spencer! KJo wrapped him up in my suit coat and he got lost!

Friday night after church, some of the young men helped us pack up, carry out and load the bus. We appreciate the good help! After everyone left, we cranked the bus, turned it toward the entrance, hooked up the Jeep and then plugged it back into the electric.

That made it easy to hit the road early and we were pulling out before 5:30 AM. It was supposed to be over 100 degrees in Avenal and in our destination of Bloomington, so our plan was to drive early and beat the heat.

It became quite a travel day, but I will save the whole story for its own post. We did make it to Bloomington just fine Saturday evening and we are thankful for that!

We love going to Bloomington every time we go to California, but we have especially looked forward to it this visit. Sunday morning and Sunday night were both great services with great crowds. Praise God for His help!

Thank you for joining us on The Weekend Dispatch.


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