Monday, June 20, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 6/21/22

Odie sent in a few pictures from her week. I will add them to the end of this post. 

Going back a few days into last week, brings us lots of food pictures. Wow! The food pictures provoke some good memories!

Tacos from KJo's Taco Bus!

An OK Mexican place in Lebec.

A Chinese place in Lebec.

Thursday we drove the Jeep to Pismo Beach and spent a couple of hours driving next to the water.

It was 57 beautiful degrees!

A Mexican place near Pismo.

Taco truck in Lebec.

A BBQ place in Tehachapi.

Saturday we were up early doing the work of the evangelist and hitting the road.

For the first hour+ plus we coasted down the west side of the Tehachapi mountains. It was beautiful. I captured it on dashcam, but it is not the same. Ugh!

About three hours and 140 miles after we left, we were pulling into the church at Avenal, unhooking the car and parking the bus.

After parking, we grabbed a bite of lunch with Pastor Doug and Sis. Terry Spencer, but I failed to get a picture. We will add one later.

Saturday evening, we carried in some of our equipment and got a quick soundcheck.

Sunday morning was Father's Day breakfast and a special Father's Day Sunday morning service in Avenal. We enjoyed it all. We appreciate the invitation to be there Sunday and to preach Wednesday through Friday night too.

Sunday evening we drove to Fresno to be with friends and to hear Bro. Barry Gautreaux preach. It was a perfect finish to a wonderful weekend.

That wraps up our weekend. Here are a few pictures Odie sent in from her week..

This is my Dad's older sister, Mary. She had never seen the house before.

Thank you for dropping in. 


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