Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pictures From Odie

Pictures From Odie
I have had a great week at home. I have enjoyed a few great days of weather and spent some time relaxing on my porch. It was beautiful.
Papaw took me to lunch one day and another day I went to eat with both Papaw and Mamaw. I have loved that very much.

I am thoroughly enjoying attending my home church while at home. It is a special privilege that I do not get all the time. We have several families at Dryden Rd that live in our area and they are all good to swing by and pick me up. I could not go to church without them and I am thankful for their kindness.

One day this week, I went to the Air Force Museum with my grandparents, aunt and cousin. We had a great time together and loved the museum. I took some pictures there and my Aunt Theresa took some pictures too.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures from Ohio. Thank you for reading.



  1. Museum looks like fun! Thanks for letting us go along. See you down the road

    1. It is the biggest and best Air Force museum we have ever been too!


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