Friday, June 17, 2022

Pictures from Church - Hanford and Fresno

We have been enjoying wonderful services, great fellowship with long time friends and wonderful meals in Hanford and Fresno. Amazingly we even remembered to take some pictures. We may get the hang of this yet.😍

We first preached to both of these congregations nearly 30 years ago in September 1992. Bro. Rickey Searcy invited us to California and introduced us to the churches here and we have never been the same!
The lifelong friendships we made during that trip and in those revivals have been a blessing to us all of these years. I wish I could express how much joy these people have brought into our lives over the last 30 years.

It was so great to see many of them again and have a little church. We loved every moment of it.

These first pictures are from Victory Holiness Church in Hanford, California.

These pictures are from Souls Harbor Holiness Church in Fresno, California.

Pastor Anthony Munoz

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for stopping by.


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