Saturday, June 25, 2022

Odie's Ohio Fun In Pictures

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the Beach Cottage. Happy Summer! The heat of summer has officially arrived. We had a cool spring with a few warm days sprinkled in. I did not turn my Airconditioner on until Memorial Day. By the middle of June, the roaster turned on! I am thankful for a nicely insulated home! It has not been hard to keep cool at all.  

How are you doing? I am doing "fine as frog's hair," to quote my Papaw Eugene. 😀 I have been really enjoying my time here at home! Along the way, I have been sharing a few pictures of my home time. Today I have several from last week to share with you.

Our Aunt Callie and her husband, Louis, stopped by Waynesville for a quick visit. It was wonderful to see them.

My Cosun Deidre sent this picture of Chloe Jean to the family last week. This is a Boggs look we get from our Papaw. We call it the "I'm mad face."

It is now Papaw's favorite picture. Here is  Papaw posing with Chloe Jean.

I have enjoyed my time with my precious church family at Dryden Road! Thank you to my family and friends that have been helping me with rides to and from church! It is fun to get to spend time with them!

I love my hugs from Everly Alexander. This day she stayed long enough for a picture. 

Kyran is so sweet! He loves church selfies with me every time. He often requests pictures with the others around us too.

I was able to visit Alcapulco.

This sign on the sign-in desk cracked me up. I think this is an excerpt from the book of Davy!

I had a fabulous lunch and fellowship with Briley, Ava, Rebecca, Grace and Sarah. We are already looking forward to next time.

I made a new dessert that was really good! I had to send Mom a picture.

On Friday, I spent the afternoon with Gran and Papaw Danny. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at Chilis, then a trip to Sams Club.

Last Saturday, Jacqueline came over to visit me. This is one of my favorite people on the planet! I wish all of you could know her! I know you would love her too!!

Fathers' Day 2022 at Dryden Road

Our friends Bro. Bob and Sis. Tish Rice visited from Virginia. I failed to get a picture of Sis. Tish. I had to send this picture of Bro. Bob to Dad.

Some services at church, Kenedy loves me and others she is not in the mood. This was a good day and she was in the picture mood too.

Emily is a sweetheart! She has grown up too quick!

Bro. Bob Dotson won the drawing for DRPC Ugliest Father Award 2022.😀 He wanted his title on the blog.

Enchiladas for lunch

That is a wrap on last week's pictures. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my fun. See you next week.


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