Saturday, July 31, 2021

Shut The Door

Hey Friends,

This is Odie coming to you from Ohio today. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few moments of your Saturday with me.

I will get to my main topic in a few paragraphs. First I want to take a minute to honor two very special ladies.

My Mamaw, Martha Boggs, had a birthday yesterday. 

Happy Birthday, Mamaw! I love you! Thank you for being such a great Mamaw!.

Sis. Jane Sutherland, our Pastor's wife is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Sis. Jane! Thank you for loving us and praying for us! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Both of these women are some of the best ladies on this planet! God blessed the world with a very special gift when they were born. Words do not exist to properly honor my Mamaw or Sis. Jane! I am so thankful for their influence on me.

Shut The Door
"Shut The Door Keep Out The Devil". I am not supposed to be singing right now. I am Sorry, the words shut the door cause a song to pop into my head. Here is the song "Shut The Door Keep Out The Devil".  You can sing this song all day too.😀

Now we can talk about the topic at hand, shutting doors. I struggle to close doors behind me. Closing the main door, of my house, has been a series of movements. I knew there had to be an easier and quicker way to pull the door toward me.

This spring I went to my trusty sidekick Google. I was looking for options. Google did not disappoint. There I was introduced to the EZ Pull Door Closure. This device was invented by another wheelchair user.

I decided to try out this product myself. I ordered an E-Z Pull Door Closure from Amazon. I took a couple weeks to come in from the Amazon seller.

I installed it first on a door in my garage. The E-Z Pull Door Closure made closing the door a lot easier! I was quickly a fan of this product!

Last week I decided to buy two more for the other doors that I need help closing. This time I ordered them from the Sportaid website. I wanted to try both sellers. Sportaid was priced slightly higher but their shipping time was a lot quicker than Amazon.

Four days after my order to Sportaid I had my other two E-Z Pull Door Closures in my hand. Within a few moments of them arriving at my front door, I was installing them. I was excited to have the help to close my doors!

As you can see I have the lever doorknobs. The hook can slide off the levers, but I read to secure the hook to the doorknob with a zip tie. I am careful when I pull the door closed and the hook stays in place. It has not been an inconvenience for me.

Installation is very easy. If I can do, it without help, then it is easy! 

I am glad that I found E-Z Pull Door Closure online. This product makes going outside my home easier. I highly recommend this product! I give it a 5-star rating! Click here to visit the E-Z Pull Door Closure website. Also here is the product on Amazon and the Sportaid link is here.

Well, I must close for now. Thanks for reading. I will see you next week. 


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