Thursday, July 29, 2021

50 Years A Missionary In Kenya

50 years a missionary. Wow!

We had the privilege recently of meeting a man who has been a missionary to Kenya for 50 years. His name is Evan Erickson.

He and his wife and first child moved to Kenya as missionaries in 1971. I think he said his daughter was one year old at the time. For 50 years they have raised their family and ministered in Kenya.

They have stayed in Kenya for four year terms and then came back to the states to reconnect with family and supporters for the fifth year. That is an amazing life!

They have planted churches, built churches and trained local leaders in Bible schools in Kenya. Many of the students they trained are Pentecostal leaders all over Africa and the world.

He is part of the missions program with the International Pentecostal Church of Christ and when we met him, he seemed to be going strong. They helped him to the platform, but when he took the mic he was a dynamo.

50 years as a missionary to Kenya! His passion for souls to be able to hear the Gospel was inspiring and I hope I do not soon forget it. May God give him many more years of useful ministry!

I can not imagine doing anything for 50 years. I guess I have been walking and talking for over 50 years, but not much beyond that.

This Week
We have been working in the barn during the day this week and going to church at night. We were not in church last night, but after a break for supper, we worked in the barn until time to get ready for bed. I am anxious to show you some pictures of the barn project, but I will wait until a bit more is completed.

Thank you for stopping by today. We plan to be at home church tonight and have service online Friday at 7:00 PM Eastern. I hope you will join us.


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