Friday, July 30, 2021

A Few Pictures From The Week 7/30/21

It is July 30, 2021, my dear Mother's birthday! Happy, Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

She is so beautiful and graceful!

This Week
Is it Friday already? Yes it is. That means we have pictures for you from the week.

Kelly Jo and I have spent most of the daytime hours working on a barn project. We are dangerously close to being finished. If we have a good day today, we will likely be completed by Wednesday next week. Once we are done I will have lots of pictures.

The rest of the week was pretty much spent in church. We had service online Monday and we have been in three more services as well. 

We plan to have an online service tonight and we are supposed to be at Highway of Holiness for Pastor Dallas Lakes for both services Sunday. We are almost back to our normal 6 services a week and that is a good thing!

Kelly Jo prepared some super great meals this week and I think I have a picture or two of food too. Odie's very first picture is of food!

KJo is mowing, but I am not mowing in the background. 

KJo will not let me near the mowing yet. I was using Dad's pressure washer on some metal roofing that has been behind the barn. I am planning to use a few pieces inside the barn. That was the first time I had used a pressure washer and it was kind of fun for about two minutes.😊

That's all folks! Thank you for dropping in today.


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