Thursday, February 18, 2021

Wonderful News From Nigeria!

I am happy to report some great news from afar. Yesterday I received an email with pictures from Nigeria. The new addition to the GoodNews Christian School is finally completed, including a much needed bathroom.

This building was originally two rooms that we helped construct a few years ago. In this current building process, there was another room added below and rooms above. I am so thrilled to show you the pictures.

So many people have helped us with this project and we appreciate it so very much. Our latest round of money sent was made possible by the students of Ellisville First Assembly Academy, Bethany Revival Center and my brother Steve and his wife Karen.

May God bless these folks and all of you that have helped with this project in the past.

These rooms just barely keep pace with the needs of the school. In order to build more, we are probably going to have to purchase unfinished buildings next door. I do no even know the feasibility of those options, but help us pray for guidance.

Educating these children, many of them from non-Christian, even Muslim homes, may be the greatest impact we can have for Christ on Abeokuta and the nation of Nigeria. Thank you for helping us do that!

As a regular part of our support for the school, we try to pay the salaries of Bro. Shobanke's daughters and son in law that run the school. Thank you for helping us do that too.

Thank you for dropping in today. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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