Monday, February 8, 2021

Bad Bug, Big God!

This is a bad, bad bug, but we serve a big, big God!

Praise God for hundreds of people that are praying for us! Hallelujah! Thank you, friends. Please keep it up. We are struggling, but The Lord has come to us in a mighty way a few times through this.

Please pray that KJo stays healthy. We and she are masking whenever we have to be together, but we are asking for divine protection. The sooner this is banished from the Boggs family, the better!

Thank you for the prayers, thank you for the scriptures, thank you for the words of encouragement, thank you for praying heaven down on us. We have felt God close and we are clinging to what we know and have declared about God.

I have listened to many hours of the scripture and of preaching. I am filling my mind with faith from the Word of God. We are doing our best to keep our minds focused completely on Him whenever possible. We know that He is our answer!

I believe that no matter what the outcome of any situation, He's Got It All In Control.


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