Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday Evening Update

Sorry for the delay in the post today. 

The update I added to yesterday's post will help explain my tardiness.

Odie and I woke up this morning (Sunday) feeling crummy. We do not want to necessarily expose anyone to COVID so I called Pastor Michael Brandon and informed him we were not feeling well. He put us in touch with a lady in his church that works at the local hospital and within minutes, we were getting a rapid test.

Unfortunately, Odie and I both tested positive for COVID. Obviously, revivals this week and next week are canceled. We are trying to decide exactly what to do, but we are leaning toward trying to drive home, while I am still feeling almost human.

Kelly Jo is doing fine. She tested positive for antibodies in the early winter, so she has had COVID at some point, probably early on. We are still trying to be very careful around her.

I want to do the best thing and being at home feels like the right thing at the moment. Please pray for us. Thank you

We drove 282 miles Sunday evening and stopped at the Alabama Welcome Center in I-20. Odie and I were both able to rest some overnight. It was uneasy rest, but it was rest.

We had a good day of driving Monday with no traffic in Birmingham and very little traffic trouble in Nashville. We made it 413 miles and we are only about 215 miles from the Lazy OD Ranch. I sure wish  I could drive the last leg tonight, but the truth is that I probably drove 100 miles too far anyway.

There may not be a post published Tuesday morning, but I will try to put up an update Tuesday after we are home, by God's grace.

Thank you for checking in today. Please pray.



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