Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday Update: We Made It Home

Good news! We finally made it home. I have not even looked at the mileage yet, but somewhere around 900 miles. I have driven sick lots of times, but I can never remember a time when I was happier to get parked. I will tell you more about it later.

Odie is obviously not feeling well, but no chest congestion at this point. It went straight for my chest and burns like fire. Thankfully, KJo is doing fine so far. Even though she tested positive for antibodies, we are still trying to be careful not to expose her to us unnecessarily.

Thank you very much for praying of us. We feel God's help and we are depending on Him. We know that He's Got It All In Control.



  1. BroDavy, so happy that You made it home for there's definitely no place like home when one is sick & the only next better place is Heaven after home, YoFrankie.

    Frank Shiflett


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