Thursday, December 17, 2020

Roadside Coincidences

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Roadside Coincidences
I mentioned on Mile Markers recently that we were able to detour a few miles to visit friends. We were so blessed to do that.

While writing that post, I began thinking of several times that friends and acquaintances have spotted us while going down the road. We have been spotted by family members, church people and even other evangelists.

Twice recently we have been spotted on the interstate by friends that called or text to say they saw us. The conversation usually starts something like this. "I first saw the bus and then I saw the green car with gold rims and I thought it had to be you." 😂 That is so funny.

Several years ago an old friend called after he passed us and recognized the bus. It just so happened that we were planning to stop at the next exit for lunch and he lived off that next exit. He called his dad, who is a pastor and also our friend, and soon we were eating lunch with two old friends and laughing our heads off about old times.

We were traveling out west somewhere late at night one time and Odie was on the phone with her cousin Deidre. She was on choir tour with the Ozark Bible Institute and they were in their bus going the opposite direction of us on the same interstate. We were able to flash our lights and honk our horns as we passed in the night.

One time, almost seven years ago, a distant cousin called me from two cars in front of us. We had just started having a small mechanical problem and he, being an old trucker, was able to help me diagnose it along the side of the road. That was a pretty neat blessing! The man I needed just happened to be there and he just happened to recognize us and call me.

A few hours later we met with Benji Burris and his family for a meal. They were traveling from California to Virginia. He had noticed earlier in the day that our paths would cross in Knoxville that day and he called to see what time we would be going through. What an awesome treat on the road.

I belong to a forum of Prevost owners. There are about 4000 members and these guys have guided us tremendously through bus problems over the years. One of them flagged me down on the road one time and we talked for a few minutes. We had never met and he had no idea what I looked like, but he recognized the BoggsMobile.

You never know what we will find out here on the road. If you see us, do not wait for me to see you. I am usually so occupied with keeping the BoggsMobile on the road and checking air pressure and checking coolant temperature. I might never see you!

Hey, thank you for stopping in today. We appreciate that a lot.



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