Monday, December 7, 2020

What's Up Weekend? 12/7/2020 (Pearl Harbor Day)

I hope that you all love pictures. There is a boatload of pictures in this post!

Most weekends we travel, but this was a weekend full of church and just a smidgen of travel. We loved every minute of it. We had revival services at Souls Harbor Friday night, Saturday night and closed with the Sunday morning service. We appreciate Pastor Paul Thomas and all the saints in Colorado Springs for being so good to us. We enjoyed the revival.

Odie took some pictures from the final services at Souls Harbor.

Sis. Tracy from Souls Harbor took the next few pictures Sunday morning. 

After loading our sound equipment in the bus Sunday afternoon, we ate a quick bite and jumped in the car for one more service. We drove about an hour north in The Green Machine

We were thrilled to be in service with Liberty Holiness Church near Castle Rock, Colorado Sunday afternoon. They moved their service to 3:00 PM so that we could be with them and we are so glad that they did.

We love Pastor James McCoy and his people so much. They are in the process of building a church. I will probably tell you more about that later.

Sis. Tracy from Souls Harbor took these Sunday afternoons at Liberty Holiness.

We were back in Colorado Springs by 5:30 Sunday evening and settled in the bus by 7:00. In between, we cranked the bus, unhooked the electric, emptied the holding tanks, moved in the parking lot, hooked up the Green Machine and shut down for the night. We are running the generator for the night.

We hope to be rolling by 6:00 AM. I will let you know how that goes later. Thank you for stopping by.


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