Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Going Up Pike's Peak

I have been spending too much time editing and preparing videos for YouTube and not enough time getting Mile Markers together. Today should be Vintage View Vednesday, but I did not get to it this week. I have a certain number of hours that I spend in sermon prep each day of revival and between sermons and YouTube, I maxed out this week.

I did put up a video Tuesday from our dashcam as we drove up Pike's Peak Monday. That was the prettiest day this week and we spent three hours doing that. Man, I have all kinds of excuses for not getting my work done today.😁

The video going up the mountain is kind of long, but the scenery is beautiful. I am working on the video going down and I may have it up today or Thursday. The video going down is even better.

I also am working on a high speed dashcam video going to the top and back down in less than three minutes. That is really cool!

Here is the one from yesterday.

Thank you for stopping in today.



  1. BroDavy, TXS! for the nice ride up Pike's Peak & now awaiting for another ride for You need a lot more asphalt with GOD of course always. And You need a Jeep which sits a little higher & You can see more.
    Oh I can just see KJo's smile on her face if You tell her that for that's her cup-of-tea.

    Bless You & Yours forever&ever plus I hope Your father is much better, he's on my prayer's list also, YoFrankie.


  2. Hehe! I will tell KJo!

    Thank you for praying for my Dad.



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