Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Today is our final installment of 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube. We have enjoyed this so much and we appreciate you coming along for the ride. You can see all 12 Days HERE. Today's song is one of my favorites, Getting Ready For a Baby. We hope you love the whole video.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear friends! It has been and continues to be a tough year for many of you and I believe that we could all use a good dose of Christmas Joy! Bring it on, Lord!

I wrote this yesterday.

What is Joy?
What is joy? 
It is not the tinsel and lights. 
It is not sunny days and clear nights.
It is not an abundance of money and lots of toys.
It is not clothes for the girls and tools for the boys.
It is not a weekend in the mountains, a vacation to the ocean.
It is not a holiday trip to the city with its festive commotion.
It is not objects and things or a collection of stuff.
It is not fame and fortune or any of that fluff.
It's not?
Then what is joy?
It is contentment in your heart and peace in your mind.
It is opening your hand to help and a chance to be kind.
It is reaching out to others with cheerful giving
It is beholding life beyond yourself and stepping up your living.
It is rejecting hate, pushing anger aside and allowing love to ascend.
It is eliminating enemies by making them friends.
It is Christ abiding in your heart and affecting all you do.
It is love overflowing every action and goodness flowing through.
Happiness is fleeting, joy is tried and true.
Joy is everlasting, because HE lives inside of you!

Thank you, friends, for adding to the wonderful joy in our lives by your kindness and your friendship. We thank God for every one of you!


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