Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Report April 26

I will try to post pictures tomorrow from our two nights at Faith Church. Today's post is our regular weekend report that starts in Salem, Kentucky on Saturday morning. We had a late night Friday but we were up early on Saturday to run into Paducah with Pastor Israel Sanders. We had a good time of fellowship and taking care of some business and then we were back at the bus to crank up and get ready to ride.

Here is the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine right before we left Faith Church.

The weather guessers were calling for rain all day on Saturday but thankfully it held off until evening and we were able to make the 80 mile drive to Central City. The first several miles from Salem going south and east to the interstate is very slow going in the bus. It is kind of curvy, kind of hilly, very pitchy from side to side and no shoulders most of the way. It was nice to drive it with sunshine.

We arrived at Trinity Pentecostal Church a little after 3:00. They have added a fence and a gate but we were able to get in fine coming from the direction of town. There is no way we could swing in coming from the other direction. I mention that so I will have the information for the future to supplement my sometimes spotty memory. 

After we were parked and set up we met Bro. and Sis. Harris and Sis. Harris' mother at our favorite little Mexican place here called El Bracero. It was very good as usual. We will be eating there a time or two while we are here.

Even though I had not ordered a limo, our ride pulled up just as we were walking out!

Bro. Harris knew the occupants so I guess that makes him rich and famous and us rich and famous too.

We are thrilled to be at Trinity Pentecostal Church in Central City, Kentucky again. Revival started Sunday morning and will run through Thursday night by God's grace.

We had two great services Sunday with Pastor Alan Harris and his great folks here. I was counting yesterday and found that this is our tenth revival in Central City. It is amazing that they keep inviting us back but we sure are glad that they do!

Pastor Alan Harris and Davy

As they almost always do when we are here, they had a church dinner on Sunday afternoon. These ladies love to feed me and I love to have it so!

If you are any where in the area then come on by and be with us in revival. We would love to have you join us. I am sure we will have four more great services this week.

I hope you had a super great Sunday.


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