Friday, April 10, 2015

Evansville, Indiana - Revival In Pictures

We are having a wonderful time in revival at Full Gospel Mission in Evansville, Indiana. It has been so good to be back with Pastor John and Sis. Debbie Eaton and all our friends here. May God bless them for all their kindness and hospitality toward us. These folks have embraced us for many years and we really appreciate their friendship.

We have one more night of revival and we are looking forward to whatever God wants to do in our hearts and our lives. He certainly knows exactly what we need in order to be our best for His service. He has been working on us this week and I take my place in that US. Thank God that He is patient and yet persistent.

The weather is supposed to clear up today and we are thankful for that too. We have had quite a bit of severe weather this week and we are ready for some sunshine.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


Pastor John and Sis. Debbie Eaton

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