Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Report

Thursday and Friday was devoted to driving to and from friends and family to mourn with and comfort them. We so often miss funerals of family and dear friends and we were so glad we were able to be with them this time. We were with Cousin Lowell Boggs family in Sandy Hook, Kentucky Thursday evening and with Bro. Joe Bill Houston's family and our church family Friday in Dayton, Ohio.

My parents and my brother Steve and his wife Karen were in Sandy Hook too. It was great to see them for a while and to share a quick meal with them before we all headed northwest to Ohio.

Wakes and funerals are not really conducive to whipping out your phone and taking pictures so we do not have much to show you from Thursday and Friday. I did get a picture of the GPS when we arrived at Dryden Rd. Church very late Friday night. We started the day in Flora, Illinois and drove to Sandy Hook, Kentucky and then Dayton, Ohio for a total of 544 miles Thursday.

Friday was a gorgeous sunny day.

I did take pictures of three picture boards at Bro. Joe Bill's funeral.

After the funeral we visited just a few minutes and pointed almost due west to Illinois. We arrived back at the BoggsMobile a few minutes before 8:00 PM central time. It was very good to be home!

This was our total for the two days.

I had wanted to get up early and be at Speedco in Effingham by 8:00 AM Saturday. Buy the time I laid down Friday night I knew that was not going to happen. After 842 miles I knew that I was not going to be out of bed and working by 6:00. So I let the girls rest and we started getting ready to roll about 10:00.

This was the quickest oil change at Speedco that I have every had. All three bays were full when we arrived but there was nobody else in line. We waited about 50 minutes before pulling in and they were done with the oil change and lube job in about 30 minutes. I pulled outside and then went inside to pay the bill. This is the part that is usually very painful because it takes so long.

In the past I have waited over an hour for the paperwork to be finished so I could pay. I have been to Speedco in several states and it always takes a very long time. This lady in this Speedco was right on the ball. She asked me a few questions while typing, printed the paperwork, processed the payment and I was out the door in 5 minutes. Nice!

I was busy the whole time they were changing the oil and I forgot to get any pictures. The only proof I have that I was there is the sticker to remind me of the next oil change. Well, I also have the credit card receipt but you do not need to see that.

Next we pulled around to Flying J to empty the holding tanks and then over to Ryan's to eat breakfast, lunch and supper.

About 2 1/2 hours later we were pulling into Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle in Jonesboro, Illinois. By the time we were parked, hooked up, the bugs were washed off the front of the BoggsMobile and the grime was washed off the back I was ready to rest.

Sunday started with Homecoming dinner at 12:30 and then Homecoming service at 2:00.

Pastor Geoff and Sis. Glenda Bond

We had a great meal and two great services Sunday. It is good to be back in Jonesboro. We have had some good revivals with our great friends here and it has been too long between visits. We will try to do better about that. We will be here through Wednesday and we are expecting to have good church the next three nights.

I hope you had a great Sunday.


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