Thursday, April 2, 2015

London First Pentecostal - Revival In Pictures

We have had a wonderful time with Pastor Vernon Jarvis and his folks at First Pentecostal in London, Kentucky. The time has flown by but we have enjoyed the services and the fellowship very much. As I said before we had preached here a few times including a Christmas service in 2013 but this was our first revival. It has been our happy privilege to preach revival here this week.

First Pentecostal Church dates back to 1907 so it has been a functioning church for 108 years. Praise God for their long history in London, Kentucky touching many lives and spreading the Gospel faithfully in this city.

It was great to get to know Pastor Jarvis, his wife Sis.Marsha and his folks a little better. We love God's people and it is a blessing to be among them and be loved by them. We were also blessed to have several visitors from the area that we have been friends with for years. You will see several pictures of them below as well.

We traveled last night after church so we hooked up to the trailer Wednesday about noon and then parked the whole rig over to the side so it would be easy to pull out after church.

We loaded up and headed out after the last "Amen." Why the big hurry to leave since our next revival does not start until Sunday in Evansville, Indiana?

The hurry is all about home. London is only 200 miles from home and Acapulco opens at 11:00 AM. That should explain everything!

Our intention when we brought the trailer from Richton, Mississippi a few weeks ago was to drop it at the Lazy OD Ranch this week so it will be in place for our next tent revival. It is nice to be finished pulling it for a while.

We made pretty good time coming home especially considering all of the construction and we were pulling the trailer. We pulled into the Dodds church at 1:10 and dropped the trailer there. I will pull it from Dodds next door to the Ranch today with Dad's truck.

Kelly Jo backed the bus into the barn by 1:40 and I was set up and inside by 1:50. It is nice to be home. In fact, it is nice to have a home to come home to. I think I enjoy that more than I thought I would.

That brings you up to date.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


The First Pentecostal Church building is beautiful.

Pastor Vernon and Sis. Marsha Jarvis


Odie with the 3rd and 4th grade Class

Ready to pull out Wednesday night.

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  1. I so enjoyed being in these services with you all. Love you much! God bless!



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