Sunday, April 15, 2012

Traveling To PFYC 2012

3Way Spaghetti Chili & Cheese


Aunt Karen


Ready for Friday night service

I had a great time at PFYC 2012 this weekend!! As Dad told you I do have lots of pics from my phone to post. I will get them up this week.
I had three great travel partners. My Aunt Karen was a great chauffeur!! She was going to PFYC with or with out us. I am glad she allowed three girls to tag along Also with me was my cousin Deidre Boggs. Deidre is not a stranger to the blog. She has a way of giving me blogging material. LOL. Meckenzie Noel also came with us. Meckenzie is a great girl and I am enjoying getting to know her better. I look forward to many more fun times with her.

You all know I am a Skyline Chili fan. It is always one of my first stops when we get close to home. I had not been in Skyline country since Christmas. Conveniently the exit we stopped at for lunch on the way to Louisville had a Skyline. Of course I have learned from my father to take pics of great food.
We soon were back on the road and made it safely to Louisville, Kentucky.
Have great Sunday. I am looking forward to being at my home church today!

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