Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Birthday is Over

My 45th birthday is officially over. Yep, it is finished. My birthday started on January 16th in Neosho, Missouri and ended sometime Saturday morning April 7th on I-24 in Kentucky.

How did my birthday last nearly three months? It was pure discipline I say, pure discipline, master of the will and supreme self control.

Do you remember all the chocolate I received for my birthday? I had Hershey Drops from Odie, even more Hershey Drops from Kelly Jo, a huge Hershey bar from Bro. Ray Riggs, chocolate covered coffee beans fresh from Montana and the Metzgers, a chocolate ice cream cake from Bro. Link's church and probably a few other treats I have forgotten.

My 45th birthday ended Saturday morning while driving the BoggsMobile and eating the last few Hershey Drops. I rationed every one of those treats (except for the cake) and ate just a few bites of chocolate each day thus making my birthday last almost three months! You didn't know I had the willpower and self control did you?

But now it is over! All of the birthday chocolate is gone. Totally and completely gone!

The empty bags....

It is a good thing Odie bought me some more Hershey Drops the other day!!!


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