Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crusing and Ports

It is Odie here again with even more cruise pics.  Thanks for letting me know you enjoy seeing the cruise pics.  How many pics did I take?  Well, before editing I had over 700 on my camera and 100 on my phone. I hope you all are not wore out with cruise talk yet. I think only one more post after this one and my cruise blogs will be done.

Going through all these pics continues to remind me how amazing it really was.  We left Jacksonville, Florida on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday morning we reached Freeport, Bahamas.  Lisa and I explored the market close to the ship and enjoyed the beauty of the island.  Wednesday our port was Half Moon Cay.  This is a private Island owned by Carnival Cruise Line.  From the moment we got off the ferry we love it. The weather was perfect, the trees and plants were amazing and the Ocean was turquoise blue.  Our Ship was the only ship ported there that day so it was nice to just have our 2,000 people on the island.  Nassau was our final port.  It is a busy place three ship were ported there that day.   Our adventure for the day was going to the Nassau Straw Market.  Friday we spent at sea and arrived back in Jacksonville on Saturday morning.

We also explored the ship.  I think we seen every place open to the public.  It was so peaceful just to sit on the deck and look and the ocean.  The vastness of  the ocean is Awesome.  I love it!!!

These are various pics from around the ship and the ports.


Overlooking the Grand Atrium

Tuesday at Freeport

The head chef, officers and our great cruise director Trevor

Wednesday at Half Moon Cay (pronounce Key)

Lido deck at night

Thursday at Nassau

Me & Ayden Yeary

Thursday night dinner


  1. Man, those big ships are amazingly BIG....Huge!

    Odie, you're doing a fantastic job blogging. You're dad would be so proud of you. Keep up the great work. I understand how time consuming it must be to write and post all those pics....everyday.

    Thank you,
    Uncle T~

  2. Your dad....Not "you're". It's after midnight...sorry


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