Monday, April 2, 2012

More Travel and Tifton, Georgia

Saturday night we stopped and slept at a Flying J near Tallahassee, Florida. In March 2008 we stayed at the very same truck stop the first night we owned the BoggsMobile. It was a horrible night!

I was about to have a nervous breakdown about buying the bus. Diesel was $4 a gallon for the first time in my life, I could barely drive the monstrosity I had just purchased, I broke the passenger side mirror pulling in and the generator wouldn't start. The girls went to bed and I sat in the driver's seat the rest of the night and stared out the window. I was still sitting there when the sun came up. Like I said, it was a horrible night.

Last night was much better, praise God. We rested good and the generator started and ran fine. We left there around mid morning and arrived in Tifton about 2:00. We have preached several revivals for Pastor Tony Walker but this is our first revival here. The service was great tonight and we are expecting even better.

We didn't get any pictures at church but snapped a few at Steak & Shake. I am sure we will have more later in the week. Thanks for praying for us.


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