Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travel Days - Tifton, GA to Evansville, IN

We left Tifton, Georgia early Friday morning and drove hard all day. We had the oil changed in the BoggsMobile at Speedco in Jackson, Georgia, filled up with diesel at a Flying J in Resaca, Georgia and stopped for the night at a Flying J in Oak Grove, Kentucky.

We ate a fine meal in the Denny's there with Bro. Jeffery and Sis. Rebecca Blankenship as they were passing through. Shortly after supper I gave up and fell into bed. I went out like a light and slept like a rock.

We had a little difficulty getting the bus and trailer out of the church parking lot in Tifton, Georgia Friday morning. I cleared everything with the BoggsMobile but nearly took out a huge post with the side of the trailer. I did NOT hit it but I was oh so close! It was a bad way to start a bad long day.

This is a picture of the GPS at the end of the day. I don't believe this gives the true time for the day because the GPS was turned off while the oil was being changed.

Saturday we started early and took the tent trailer to Salem, Kentucky. Pastor Phillip Sanders was kind enough to allow us to park it there a few weeks. We will be having our next tent revival near there in May so the location works out perfectly. Sis. Sanders had buiscits, gravy, eggs and bacon prepared so that worked perfectly too!

We arrived in Evansville, Indiana about 2:00, parked and set up and began revival that night. Total miles Saturday was about 200. We are very glad to be with Pastor John Eaton, his beautiful family and the Full Gospel Mission. We love coming here and love these folks.

Easter services were good and we enjoyed a meal with Bro. Eaton's extended family Sunday afternoon. The service Monday night was good too and we are looking for good things to come today and Wednesday. The Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference Is this weekend so we will close here Wednesday night.

I am sure we will have more pictures of revival later.



  1. can't wait to see y'all at pfyc!!

    -Adriene B.

  2. Odie plans to be at PFYC but because of previous top secret commitments Kelly Jo and I won't be there. You can read more about that tomorrow.

  3. I guess I won't get to see you all at all?? And you're so close to us!! :( If only I could get a hold of those top secret commitments.


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