Saturday, February 25, 2012

Travel Day - Nashville, Tennessee to Ellisville, Mississippi

We left Nashville at 5:30 Friday morning and arrived in Ellisville, Mississippi around 12:30. It was a about 415 miles and everything went smooth. The storms that were forecast never materialized but the temperatures dropped a bunch as the front moved through and the winds were very high. We rocked back and forth but made it safely here.

We are starting revival here in Ellisville for Pastor Kenny Morris on Sunday morning. Hopefully we will be able to rest some today. I have been wound pretty tight with the BoggsMobile in the shop so even though we were only in church one night this week I was drained by the time Ellisville came into view. A couple of good nights of sleep and I will be ready to go.

After we arrived yesterday we went with Bro. and Sis. Morris and met some of their church folks at a great seafood buffet in Magee, Mississippi. Wow! What a place! I nearly ate my weight (OK, slight exaggeration, but only slight) in oysters, shrimp and steak. The name of the place is Berry's and I highly recommend it. I have some pictures below, of course...

We are looking forward to getting back to normal in the BoggsMobile. Odie is settled back in her bunk and we are ready for revival. Thanks for praying for us the last several days. Your prayer to God for us often sustain us and we appreciate it very much.

God bless,


Berry's in Magee, Mississippi


  1. Oh my!.....since I am now a licensed surveyor in Mississippi ...see if you can roust me up a couple of jobs close to Magee!!!

    Praying for You'all

  2. Good news, Bro. Ray. Berry's is on Hwy. 49 between Jackson and Hattiesburg right on your way to Allentown! Go to their website and make sure they are open when you are coming through.



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