Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Trip to Wichita

Sunday evening we took a long planned trip to Wichita to fill in for Pastor John DiZazzo. We had a blast with his folks and enjoyed preaching to them as well. We appreciate the invitation from Bro. DiZazzo and his people treating us so good in his absence.

When we walked out of the church the parking lot was covered in snow. We should have went straight to a motel but we started home, hoping to drive out of it. We finally did drive out of it over five ours later in Tulsa!

Notice the high speed on the GPS? The high speed the first five hours was 45 and you can tell from the average that most the time it was much lower than that. Most of the time we were in 4WD. We didn't drive above 60 until the east side of Tulsa about 15 minutes from the BoggsMobile.

The three and a half hour drive took five hours and forty five minutes. But we made it by the grace and help of God! It brought back a lot of good memories of the crazy trips we made to church in all kinds of weather in our younger days!

Odie was about to board her ship a few minutes ago. Hopefully she can send some pictures before she loses phone service. Here are a few pictures from Bethany Revival Center in Wichita.


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