Friday, February 24, 2012

Hitch and Engine Cradle Replacement - 1996 Prevost

Prevost finished with the BoggsMobile Thursday afternoon and I was glad to see it pull out of their shop into the beautiful sunshine. It was a great day to travel but we stayed put since we would have been very late getting to our destination and there is no need to hurry. I am so used to rushing that I have to remind myself to slow down when there's no reason to run.

The second reason we waited is because they were calling for the possibility of severe storms along our route. I would rather endure a storm parked here than driving through it. Especially since we don't have to be in Ellisville, Mississippi until Saturday evening. If all goes as planned we will be on the road early today and arrive by afternoon. It is only about 415 miles which takes 7-8 hours in the BoggsMobile.

All the work is completed and everything seems to be in working order. We drove it two exits north on I-65 and back to the shop. The brakes are good, the air pressure is good and the engine stayed in place. Thank God it is completed.

Here are a few pictures. Not as exciting as Cruise pictures but neat just the same. Thank you for praying for us.


Old Engine Cradle and Hitch about to be taken out

BoggsMobile going up

New Engine Cradle flipped upside down


New Engine Cradle in place

Old engine cradle and old hitch

Old hitch

New hitch

Close up

Bolting it in

New Hitch

Bumper going back on.

Out in the sunshine again!

In the harness and ready to go.

A few pictures of Prevost facility.

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