Monday, February 20, 2012

BoggsMobile Surgery and STILL Learning to Trust God

The BoggsMobile is in for a little surgery. I was parked in the Prevost lot in Nashville over night and they pulled it into the shop about 7:00 this morning.

They are replacing the drivers side window now. It lost it's seal and is fogged up to the point that you can barely see out of it. Since I need to look through it to see my mirror it HAD to be replaced.

Speaking of mirrors, the mirrors have a large top part and a small bottom part. I lost the bottom part so they are replacing that as well.

On the way here I had some problems that require some more repairs. I heard an air leak Friday, so Saturday morning I called a truck mechanic that I had met through Bro. Leon Rich's church.

It is a long convoluted process but I believe God brought that meeting about. His name is Shawn and he works as a truck mechanic. He looked things over and diagnosed the problem and felt like I could make it on to Nashville for the repair.

He called later to warn me of something that had occurred to him after I left. He said there was a possibility that my back brakes might drag a little if the air pressure was dropping too low.

I stopped every few minutes to check the temperature of my wheels and sure enough, after a while the wheels on one side of my drive axle were very warm. I called Shawn and he went to get his service truck and came to my rescue.

He literally forced himself under my bus and worked on the air and brakes. He could not repair the problem without a lift but after a few hours he was able to rig it with a ratchet strap, vice grips and His God inspired ingenuity! Shawn really went the extra mile for me.

Praise God for His grace. If God had not put us and Shawn together I would probably have been towed to a shop somewhere and be there this morning hoping somebody could work on it for me. But instead I made it to Nashville and I have been praising God ever since!

That's the easy stuff. I was already scheduled to be here tomorrow to have the window and mirror replaced and the brake problems are an easy fix here as well. But I rushed to be here by this morning because I am having some major work done on the hitch. I am having the hitch upgraded from 10,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds. I was pushing the 10,000 pound limit last summer but a special blessing pushed me over the limit.

Bro. Nathan Henegar from Westside Holiness in Claremore, Oklahoma where Bro. Darrell Meadow is the Pastor gave a tremendous gift to our ministry. He had a 1997 Featherlite double stack trailer and he is trading us even for our cargo trailer. The difference in worth is several thousand dollars. It will make it so much better to haul all the equipment that we need for tent revivals but when it is loaded it will push us considerably over the hitch weight limit. We needed to have the upgrade performed any way but pulling the Featherlite requires it so we are biting the bullet and doing it.

It is quite expensive to upgrade because it requires the engine cradle to be changed but I think it is the right thing to do and I am sure that where God guides He will also provide. The late model buses come with the 20,000 pound hitch so this will be a great improvement.

We appreciate Bro. Nathan Henegar and his family for being such a blessing to us. It is almost unbelievable. He certainly did not do this to be seen but I want him and his family and his church to know that we are very, very thankful. I do believe God will bless them and everyone that helps, for every soul saved and ever life that is touched in the tent revivals.

Here are a few pictures.

Strapping the tent in. Bro. Jimmy Millikin worked so hard to help me get ready to roll. He not only worked hard getting the tent on Thursday but he worked all day Friday on the trailer and loading it up.

Here is the new trailer with the BoggsMobile. Perfect match, don't you think? Lol

The first picture was taken while broke down along the Muskogee turnpike on Saturday and the second is at the Flying J near Fairview, Tennessee about 2:00 Sunday morning.

Do I know where all of this is leading? Nope! We are trying to walk in the steps of God and follow after Him with all we have. He never said it was easy and at times it is quite an adventure but it sure is an exciting ride. And it beats pastoring a church! Lol!

Seriously, we praise God for his goodness, His direction and His help every step of the way. Some times it is difficult to Trace His hand kneeling down on the cold pavement next to the road with the wind blowing as the cars whiz by 3 feet away, but even then I Know that I can Trust His hand! God will never leave us nor forsake us. I Know that is true!

So please continue to pray for us. With revivals, tent revivals, missions, tents, trailers and all of the finances required, I know that I have more on me than I can handle. There is no way I can do it. But I also know that God CAN handle it all without the least bit of strain. In fact, throw all your problems, cares, worries, sickness and sin on Him too and our God is still able to carry it all with no problem whatsoever!

Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. Psalms 55:22

I suppose this post is too long but maybe it will make up for the last few days. God bless you all.


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