Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revival at Faith Church in Salem, Kentucky Pastor Phillip Sanders

Edit 9/8: Added Pictures

Thank God for bringing revival to His people the last couple of weeks. We have been having wonderful services and enjoying the presence of the Lord. He has been challenging hearts to trust Him and His people have responded. This week at Faith Church in Salem, Kentucky has been tremendous. Each service the Lord has offered exactly what we needed. I know that our family has been enjoying revival so very much.

Pastor Phillip Sanders and his family have always received us with open arms here and this week has felt like coming home. The food and fellowship has been great but the Spirit of the Lord has been even better. There  has been an expectancy in the air that God is going to do something special among us this week. Thank you for praying for us. I believe God is honoring those prayers.

Sister Sanders father passed away Tuesday afternoon so we closed revival last night. He lived in Columbus, Ohio so all the family will be headed up there for the funeral. Please pray for their family as they travel. We will stay in this area because we start revival about 35 miles away on Sunday.

Hope you enjoy a few pictures of Faith Church and the Sanders family.


Pastor Sanders and his wife, Sis. Debbie

Sell Those CDs Bro. Israel!

For some reason Pastors love to put on my suit coat.
It's always a hoot!

But this is the first time a Pastor put his coat on ME!


  1. Some of my very favorite people all together! Really wish i could be there. Looks like a blast. Maybe I will book a flight right now!

    Dale Spencer

  2. Hey, Bro. Dale!
    Great to hear from you! Come on out to Kentucky. The Sanders are all in Ohio for a funeral but we are here protecting the fort. lol


  3. Wow!! Maybe you can REALLY have revival now!!

    Just kidding! (I promise i didn't mean it Bro. Sanders!)


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